The first question off your lips.. why are you starting a blog?

I’m not sure where this will go, I’m hoping it will become a  humerous, weekly(ish) roundup of the goings on in the world of science, psychology and technology and the curiosities I stumble across inbetween. I think the best way to explain why I’m doing this is in an FAQ that I’ll build on as I figure out the answer to that question myself.


“Isn’t this what newspapers are for?”

Well I guess this is rather timely. A couple of days ago, The Times was the first UK newspaper to go payola after the Wall Street Journal across the pond. You’d think that without having to bother with paper the price would be going down rather than in the other direction..


“I didn’t read the Times anyway, and I definitely didn’t read the WSJ…”

Good answer. I’ve grown progressively more despondent by the propaganda spewed out by the mainstream media masquerading as science and psychology. Nine times out of ten it is either wrong, pointless filler, shameless advertising (ahem Acai berrys), or politically motivated nonsense. Or boobs.


Whats wrong with Boobs?

Nothing, they are wonderful. I was just making a point.


“Aren’t there dozens of people doing just that, already?”

Yes, certainly. However there are just not enough to combat the relentless stream of bullshit brainwashing our generation. The few that there are tend to be highly qualified, well respected and at the top of there field. This means two things, firstly they probably have better things to be doing with their time than me, like helping their patients, teaching their students, researching their field and generally working very hard rather than waging constant war on the fat cats ruining our print media. Secondly, I have nothing to lose, not a penny, so sue me.

“So how exactly are we going to learn anything for a piss poor student that looks something like this?”

neuro Not so Frequently Asked Questions…

An artists impression

It’s going to work like this, I’ll read the science and psychology news, find the juicy bits, cut the drivel. Then and as best I can,  within the law, I will post the raw data from each tasty story I have the time to attack on to here along with it’s source. Perhaps with some pretty graphs and pictures if I’m particularly bored. Oh and I’ll try and make it vaguely humorous in the process.


“But why?”

Honestly?  I decided it would be in the best interests for the mental health of all who know me to have a nice safe place for me to outpour my ranting, where it could be read by some likeminded people and perhaps even be vaguely constructive.


Seriously now, what made you do it?

Well I was largely inspired by reading the work of Ben Goldacre, the man, the legend and one of my greatest heros. His book and his blog, Bad Science deserve to be on everybody’s reading list. I can guarantee you it will probably change your life. (Even if just by saving you a few quid on pointless health products). Read it, do it now. Oh and Ray Kurzweil has also been a great inspiration, definitely worth looking up.


Quite finished?

No. I only just started. Join the mailing list and hold tight.

 envelope Not so Frequently Asked Questions…

Sorry to ruin your great signing off but I’ll be honest, I’m probably going to forget to ever look at this website ever again and I don’t really need you brutalizing my inbox with a mailing list. Facebook is already doing that quite effectively.

Welcome to the 21st century. Heres a great little thing called google reader, it’ll work on your ipad, ipod, iping, ipop, android, blackberry or whatever new-age device you keep in your pocket. It’ll even work on that dusty windows 95 you have under your desk and you’ll even see all the pretty pictures and everything. Just get yourself an account and then every time you see this little  rss Not so Frequently Asked Questions… on some obscure site you like, you click it and hey presto you’ve just added another column to your own personal newspaper.

(Collective “ahhhhh thats what that thing is for?”)


This all sounds like a bold proposal…

I think so too, my only rule is that I’ll do everything in my power to prevent this blog contributing to the inevitible cycle of…

phdcycle Not so Frequently Asked Questions…

…but I’m pretty sure there’ll be plently of random bollocks in between.

Can I go now?

Yes you can, thanks for reading, have a nice day and don’t look back.

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