It’s that time of the year again…. TED TIME! TED 2010 is over so heres a little gem from 2008 while we wait for the rest of the videos to be uploaded for the pleasure of us mere mortals!

An enlightening describition of an immersive journey with the Sierra Nevada Indians and their spiritual  (half a pound of coca per day!) opiate use. The lecture is reminiscent of a philosophical discussion you may hope to have at 4AM with the aging travelled hippy you met at the bus stop/park bench/afterparty but with the delivery of a well spoken school head master on the last day before the summer holidays!

Neurobonkers does not recommend Cocaine however, mainly because of the blood bath it funds in South America. Also, as you may have heard it is rather morish and has a strong tendency to turn the nicest of people in to absolute dicks.

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