Update (27/11/2011): Another study has since shown a similar finding, that respondents who watch Fox news are “less informed than those who say they don’t watch any news at all”.

Last month I reported on a study which demonstrated a strong link between (poor) knowledge and time spent watching FOX news. I was forced to conclude that the evidence as it stands did not prove a causal link. It may well be possible that “stupid people watch fox news” rather than “fox news makes you stupid”. I’ve just stumbled across some undeniable evidence for a causal link. A Fox News report which incorrectly places Egypt as between Iran and Syria. (I hope the irony of which country this actually is isn’t lost on anyone.)

FoxNewsEgypt1 Fox News Makes You Stupid: The Evidence

Source: mediamatters.org

This alone however isn’t enough evidence to definitively conclude that it is FOX news making the people that watch FOX news stupid. If anyone sees more evidence of misinformation or general ignorance by FOX news please comment below preferably with a clipping. I’ll keep this post updated as a naming and shaming page exclusively for FOX. Subscribe to comments below for updates in your inbox.

DoubleFacePalm Fox News Makes You Stupid: The Evidence

I should note in the interest of scientific integrity that, it is perfectly possible that as Miss South Carolina famously stated, this is all just because of a map shortage in the USA.

Clippings by Media Matters

FOX News Climate Change “Debate”

Glenn Beck Claims Egyptian Unrest “Is Being Orchestrated By Marxist Communists”

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  • YA

    They’ve also eliminated the Gaza strip.

    • Anonymous

      That makes it sound like a crotch waxing exercise 🙂

  • Anonymous

    One of my favourites recently is Megyn Kelly’s claim that pepper spray is a food product.

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