Daiy Mail Demolition Squad LikeBox 100 Daily Mail Demolition #2Last month I ran the first Daily Mail demolition, a Where to purchase lyrica in Detroit of every fraudulent claim in the Daily Mail’s piece “Where to purchase lyrica in Detroit” (which has now mysteriously been retitled “Just ONE cannabis joint ‘can cause psychiatric episodes similar to schizophrenia” yet hasn’t corrected the fact that the research cited was about a completely differnt drug). I have also submitted the piece for the Orwellion Prize for Journalistic Misrepresentation, hold tight for the annual prize draw next week!

 Daily Mail Killed by Cannabis Daily Mail Demolition #2

In today’s edition the Daily Mail responds to this week’s debate on drugs with what can only be described as a juvenile and fraudulent argument.

To sum up the past couple of days:

So what did the Daily Mail run with today? This time my commentary is not even needed. I’ve simply taken the liberty of literally highlighting the blindingly obvious flaw in this ridiculous excuse for a news article.

In case you somehow missed the staggering (excuse the pun) error. The coroners verdict was death by “misadventure”, the coroner explicitly stated that cannabis wasn’t the direct cause of death and instead implicated the popular legal alternative, alcohol.


Is this really the best that the pro-drugs-war camp can offer? This, against all of the evidence. This scrap of blatant deception, in defence of a policy that causes untold misery, death, unnecessary incarceration, spread of disease, incentive for crime, currency for criminals, violence at home and abroad, the list goes on.


Make your complaint with the Press Complaints Commission about this piece here. Receive updates on Daily Mail pieces particularly in need of demolition here.


Hughes CE, & Stevens A (2012). A resounding success or a disastrous failure: Re-examining the interpretation of evidence on the Portuguese decriminalisation of illicit drugs. Drug and alcohol review, 31 (1), 101-13 PMID: 22212070

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  • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds
  • Chris lamprecht

    They are pulling out all the guns lately it seems… matter of wits and they are failing…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Derek-Williams/1072934911 Derek Williams

    I think you’re being really unfair to the Daily Mail. It’s aknown fact that nobody ever fell down stairs befor cannabis was invented by the hippies in 1967.

  • Matt Wall

    Using this young man’s accidental death to pursue the Daily Fail’s ridiculous agenda on drugs is disgustingly offensive. I have submitted a complaing to the PCC. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds
  • Mike Healey213

    haha i read that article, i could not stop laughing at their dirty underhanded trick

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