Last month, Mail Online was declared the most read news source in the world. We should celebrate this with some of the things that the Daily Mail lack: wit, humour and a first class bit of script. The script locally (i.e. your browser only – nothing criminal) hijacks the Daily Mail’s frontpage  and injects  it with randomised headlines. The script will remain installed until you remove it from the extensions menu (under options). Every single time the Daily Mail website is loaded you (or your unsuspecting Daily Mail enthusiast) will see the day’s Daily Mail homepage as normal except with randomly scrambled headlines. The result is a unique, computer generated satirical masterpiece, every single time you press refresh. The script is otherwise invisible and will work with Chrome or Firefox (sorry IE users).

The script doesn’t require any programming knowledge at all. If your target is using chrome it’s a one-click operation. If you’re using Firefox you’ll need to install Greasemonkey first (also a one-click installation). After you run the script you’re free to leave the scene, shutdown the computer and wait until your target loads the all by themselves. You can refresh a hundred times and you’ll still be laughing (or crying).

Happy Valentines!

With Love,


PS: Hashtag #OccupyMailOnline

Daily Mail Takeover Daily Mail Satirical Headline ScramblerOccupyMailOnline1 Daily Mail Satirical Headline Scrambler

If you’re worried about running an unknown script, read the code for yourself in a text reader, it’s comedy gold.

Neurobonkers is not responsible for what happens when you use this script or the consequences when your friend, coworker, or (if you’re very brave), boss finds out.

Credit to Qwghlm and Gingerninja. 2012 update by Neurobonkers.

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  • Tom

    You have made my day. This is amazing.

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