This is a dish called Odori-Don. The dead squid appears to come back to life when soya sauce is poured over it. The sodium in the soya source makes the neurons react giving the appearance that the squid has temporally come back to life. Only in Japan.

Odori Don How to make a dead squid dance with soya sauce

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  • Yyy

    I heard they eat them alive in Japan, so it may not be a dead squid at all.

    • Neurobonkers

      I guess it depends on how you define alive, 
      I hear it’s important that the squid is fresh, as I understand it the head is chopped of so the squid is dead under most definitions of the word, but the squid is pretty unique in the sense that the axons run throughout most of the body. 

  • Neuro Skeptic

    I’m in two minds about this.

    One the one hand I’m a vegetarian so I have to disapprove. But on the other hand I think this is awesome.

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