Christopher Hitchins Christopher Hitchens vs Peter HitchensIt’s rare that we get to watch a debate that really makes us think deeply about the big questions. The following two hour polemical marathon of the issues of interventionism and faith will challenge all but the most rigid of thinkers. The 2008 face off was the first time the feuding brothers debated on stage the issues that mattered to them and occurred only three years before the sad death of Christopher Hitchens at the end of last year. The debate is absolutely unmissable and will almost certainly leave you questioning your perspective in one way or another, whatever perspective that may be. It’s perhaps the most heart felt and positively moving head to head debate I’ve seen captured on film.



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  • Anonymous

    Cool. Thanks for the link. One thing, how can it have taken place 3 years before his death but be filmed at the end of last year?

    • Neurobonkers

      It wasn’t filmed at the end of last year – he died at the end of last year, I’ve added that the debate was filmed in 2008 – hopefully that reads a little better now.

      • Anonymous

        Ah ha. Gotcha. Thanks again.

  • Hello2

    This is fantastic, thankyou for bringing it to my attention.

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