Readability A brief guide to reading onlineThis blog, like much of the internet has become a little cluttered as of late.  I’ve recently stumbled across a wonderful little free app that wipes the page clean of all superfluous text and graphics outside of the article in question providing a far cleaner reading environment. The app also has the option of syncing the article to your phone, a function I was previously achieving with the stone-age method of copy-and-pasting-and-emailing-to-myself. Another favourite feature of mine is the facility to invert the colour of text making reading easier on the eyes and saving battery life.

If you haven’t already got it, I’d also recommend Google Reader for subscribing to blogs (like this one) and news websites. All you have to do is drop the top-level domain of almost any of your favourite websites in to Reader and then you can browse all your favourite news sources in one place on your desktop and on your phone, all for free.

Finally, while I’m at it I might as well mention F.lux, another awesome free app. If like me you have a tendency to work through the night, F.lux adjusts the brightness of the screen in accordance with the position of the sun over your head based on your geo-location, enabling you to read and work at any hour of the day without straining your eyes!

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  • Ruben Arslan

    Thanks for the Flux link, fun idea, I’ll try it out for a while. Do you know how much there is to the reports that you might not get tired by staring into a bright light? My morning coffee dwarfs that effect in winter, I’d say.

    • Neurobonkers

      Just remember to disable it when you want to watch video!

      Looking directly in to light is not something I’ve researched but I certainly find bright ambient light helps prevent tiredness. Personally I use a wide spectrum lightbulb (look on Amazon) at my desk, I find it helps me enormously to keep my focus through the winter when it gets dark early. It’s also useful to help get out of bed before sunrise.

  • Nick Ives

    I quite like Pocket. Google it; it has browser extensions and smartphone apps. It makes it dead easy to carry articles around from PC to phone to tablet, and so on.

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