Oliver Sacks Oliver Sacks on DrugsThe highly regarded neurologist, psychologist and author Oliver Sacks has released a podcast with the New Yorker and a video on his blog (embedded below), describing some of his experiences with cannabis, amphetamines and LSD. In the podcast Sacks describes the inspiration and insights he gained from using the drugs, including the effect on his writing and the increase in his ability to be empathic with patients, but in the video Sacks issues a stark warning in which he describes amphetamines as “the most dangerous drugs physiologically” due to the powerful impact on the reward pathway and the cardiovascular system.

The media coverage comes in the run up to the release of Sacks’ new book “Hallucinations” (due for release in November), which if his previous writings are anything to go by should prove to be a truly fascinating read. If Sacks’ work inspires you to want to know more on the topic, Henry Lester a professor of neuroscience at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is coincidentally unveiling an introductory course on “Drugs and the Brain” this November which is completely free and available right from your home computer.

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  • http://www.peter-reynolds.co.uk Peter Reynolds

    With 40 years of recreational drug use behind me, I wholeheartedly agree about speed. It is the most empty, damaging, pointless drug experience there is.

  • exsugarbabe1

    I have enjoyed myself on speed but I would agree it’s really empty. People make out it’s magic sherbet to keep you dancing all night but it’s way nastier and more addictive than that.

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