Professor Nutt The Lecture You Were Never Meant to See (UNCUT)Professor David Nutt is a qualified Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist, researcher, and famously, the former chief government drugs advisor sacked for giving a lecture. In this (never before filmed)  lecture, recorded at the end of last year at Oxford university, David covers the material in the lecture for which he was censured and describes recent findings that confirm all of his original statements.

Unfortunately Oxford University have censored some slides “for copyright reasons”. This is pretty regressive to say the least because the slides are clearly covered under the principles of fair use and criticism (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988). I’d expect Oxford University to stand up for this principle in an academic context, particularly because most of the censored material is David’s own work (although publishers hold the copyright). Not to worry though, I’m prepared to stand up for this principle and have included the key censored material (or an artists impression) and more importantly, the censored references below. (To be updated as more information becomes available)

Live Update: 27/01/20 (02.17)

Prof. Nutt has replied that Oxford University were authorised to censor slides of celebrities.

My reply: It appears that much more than that has been censored, I have listed timestamps below. Some of the data slides are very clearly digitally smeared after the event. I guess there’s an outside chance that some of the other blurred and overexposed data slides are due to very bad camera work but the scale of the slides affected seems to suggest that the cameraman has been instructed to blur slides containing data or citations. Apart from the segments affected, the majority of text is displayed in high clarity even when wide camera angles are being used.

03.44 Copyright notice: “some images are blurred for copyright reasons”.

13.51 Image of the Prime Minister (Public domain, surely?)

14.20 Drinks industry data “but this is the truth”

21.47 European Brain Council data (visible for a split second but then the exposure is shifted)

22.14 Hospital admissions (images digitally swirled)

22.40 alcohol consumption has doubled – as the real costs have halved (lense shifts heavily out of focus)

23.28 The rise of liver deaths: Standardised mortality rates, “the most chilling data of all”
(lense taken out of focus)

24.09 Drunk Exxon tanker driver crash slide (data digitally swirled)

24.35 Drunk pilot report (data digitally swirled)

28.12 Drug related deaths (lense taken out of focus)

40.20 Reporting of drug related death (camera pans away from slides)

49.16 Placebo citation
(digitally swirled)

49.30 Placebo data (digitally swirled) “this data is rather distorted” (oh, the irony)

50.16 Normalised data “he changed the statistics there.. a very very nice analysis showing how they had distorted the data” (data digitally swirled) – The irony, it’s killing me.

50.26 Regulator data (data digitally swirled)

50.35 Anti-depressant graph (data visibly digitally swirled)

56.59 Times quote (blurred and audio muted)

58.22 Daily Mail quote (muted)

63.30 This is why this is such a heartbreaking, cruel irony.

NB: I’m not suggesting malintent, it appears that copyright fears are out of hand, to the point that from the video it’s impossible to determine the source or even the nature of the majority of citations. As the youtube comments make clear this is a pretty big deal for public viewers who even if they can track down the source themselves, can’t view journal papers without a subscription – nowadays normally approaching thousands of pounds for a basic sub. Without a sub, non-academics and third world academics are typically looking at £20 plus a day for 24 hours DRM restricted use of a singe article, on a single computer.

By the way, a massive thanks is due once again for all of your hard work, especially taking so much time to deliver public talks and for making so much of your work available without a paywall, a near impossible feat for todays researchers it now seems.



Censored Material (To be updated as more information becomes available):

David Cameron The Lecture You Were Never Meant to See (UNCUT)

“I ask the Government not to return to retribution and war on drugs. That has been tried, and we all know that it does not work”

David Cameron, House of Commons, 5th December 2002



Media Bias in Drug reporting The Lecture You Were Never Meant to See (UNCUT)

Media Bias in Reporting of Drug Deaths (Click for PDF)


Click here to read more on the continuing censuring of scientists and medical experts from drug policy.

Relevant References:

Nutt, D., King, L., & Phillips, L. (2010). Drug harms in the UK: a multicriteria decision analysis The Lancet, 376 (9752), 1558-1565 DOI: 10.1016/S0140-6736(10)61462-6

Nutt, D. (2009). Estimating drug harms: a risky business? Centre for Crime and Justice Studies (PDF)

Halpern JH, Sherwood AR, Hudson JI, Gruber S, Kozin D, & Pope HG Jr (2011). Residual neurocognitive features of long-term ecstasy users with minimal exposure to other drugs. Addiction (Abingdon, England), 106 (4), 777-86 PMID: 21205042

Carhart-Harris, R., Erritzoe, D., Williams, T., Stone, J., Reed, L., Colasanti, A., Tyacke, R., Leech, R., Malizia, A., Murphy, K., Hobden, P., Evans, J., Feilding, A., Wise, R., & Nutt, D. (2012). Neural correlates of the psychedelic state as determined by fMRI studies with psilocybin Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1119598109




Measham,F. Moore, K. Østergaard, J. (2011). Mephedrone, ‘‘Bubble’’ and unidentified white powders: the contested identities of synthetic ‘‘legal highs” DRUGS AND ALCOHOL TODAY, 11, 137-146 (PDF)

Editorial team (2010). The EMCDDA annual report 2010: the state of the drugs problem in Europe. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, also published in Euro surveillance :European communicable disease bulletin, 15 (46) PMID: 21144426  (PDF)

World Health Organisation (WHO). (2009). Report on mortality and burden of disease attributable to selected major risk. GLOBAL HEALTH RISKS. (PDF)

Institute of Alcohol Studies. (2006). The Impact of Alcohol on the NHS Factsheet (PDF)

(Note: I wasn’t at the lecture but I organised a very similar lecture, by Prof. Nutt in Bristol last year and conducted an interview with him, so I know what was on some of the censored slides)

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Daiy Mail Demolition Squad LikeBox 100 Daily Mail Demolition #2Last month I ran the first Daily Mail demolition, a detailed research based smackdown of every fraudulent claim in the Daily Mail’s piece “Just one cannabis joint can bring on schizophrenia” (which has now mysteriously been retitled “Just ONE cannabis joint ‘can cause psychiatric episodes similar to schizophrenia” yet hasn’t corrected the fact that the research cited was about a completely differnt drug). I have also submitted the piece for the Orwellion Prize for Journalistic Misrepresentation, hold tight for the annual prize draw next week!

 Daily Mail Killed by Cannabis Daily Mail Demolition #2

In today’s edition the Daily Mail responds to this week’s debate on drugs with what can only be described as a juvenile and fraudulent argument.

To sum up the past couple of days:

So what did the Daily Mail run with today? This time my commentary is not even needed. I’ve simply taken the liberty of literally highlighting the blindingly obvious flaw in this ridiculous excuse for a news article.

In case you somehow missed the staggering (excuse the pun) error. The coroners verdict was death by “misadventure”, the coroner explicitly stated that cannabis wasn’t the direct cause of death and instead implicated the popular legal alternative, alcohol.


Is this really the best that the pro-drugs-war camp can offer? This, against all of the evidence. This scrap of blatant deception, in defence of a policy that causes untold misery, death, unnecessary incarceration, spread of disease, incentive for crime, currency for criminals, violence at home and abroad, the list goes on.


Make your complaint with the Press Complaints Commission about this piece here. Receive updates on Daily Mail pieces particularly in need of demolition here.


Hughes CE, & Stevens A (2012). A resounding success or a disastrous failure: Re-examining the interpretation of evidence on the Portuguese decriminalisation of illicit drugs. Drug and alcohol review, 31 (1), 101-13 PMID: 22212070

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researchblogging Daily Mail Demolition: Just one cannabis joint can bring on schizophrenia

After my experimental annotated case study of “the worst piece of drugs reporting I have ever read” resulted in two take-downs (The Metro & The Hull Daily Mail) and one correction (The Independent), I’ve decided to do the same for a piece recently  published by the Mother-ship of shoddy journalism, the Daily Mail. Just hit play and use the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out as you as you please.

For the full audio visual experience of how reading the Daily Mail makes me feel, try scrolling around the article while playing the video below. If reading the Daily Mail makes you feel the same way, please join the newly launched Daily Mail Demolition Squad.

For further reading check out the coverage by UKCIA. Peter Reynolds at Clear UK is awaiting a response on a PCC complaint, you can help speed up the process by making a complaint yourself. The original article “Just ONE cannabis joint ‘can bring on schizophrenia’ as well as damaging memory” appeared in the Daily Mail on 26th October 2011.

Update: The UKCIA have also filed a PCC complaint against the Daily Mail, follow their complaint here. They’ve also done a tremendous review of the history of the Mail’s reporting on cannabis here.


Kucewicz MT, Tricklebank MD, Bogacz R, & Jones MW (2011). Dysfunctional prefrontal cortical network activity and interactions following cannabinoid receptor activation. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience, 31 (43), 15560-8 PMID: 22031901 (PDF).

Update (29/01/2012): This nomination won the Orwellian Prize for Journalistic Misrepresentation!

Update (15/01/2012):

I have submitted this piece for the Orwellian prize for journalistic misrepresentation which uses the scoring system below:

* Factual error in the title: 3 points
* Factual error in a subtitle: 2 points
* Factual error in the body of the article: 1 point

Nominated article:

Misrepresented source article: (PDF)

Nominator: Neurobonkers (neurobonkers at gmail dot com)

Total: 23 Points

[Just ONE] (3) [cannabis joint] (3) [‘can cause psychiatric episodes] (3) similar to schizophrenia’ as well as [damaging memory] (3)
[Strongest evidence yet, claim scientists] (2)
Rats used in experiments
Created 10:21 PM on 25th October 2011

[Smoking] (1) [just one cannabis joint can bring on symptoms of schizophrenia] (1), a study has found.
Researchers at the University of Bristol have, [for the first time, looked in detail at the changes in the brains of cannabis users] (1).
[They found the drug disrupts the same parts of the brain as the psychotic illness, those associated with memory and decision-making] (1).

Scientists at the University of Bristol [found that even one cannabis joint could trigger schizophrenia] (1)
Cannabis abuse has previously been linked with increased rates of schizophrenia but [this is the strongest evidence yet that the drug mimics its effects](1).
The [scientists studied rats who had been given the active ingredient of cannabis] (1) – [in a similar dose to a person smoking a joint](1).

Using electrodes embedded into their brains – which cannot be done in humans – they found those who had the drug were ‘significantly impaired’ in carrying out tasks for up to two hours afterwards.
[If this dose of cannabis has the same effect on humans, just one joint could significantly change their behaviour] (1).
Dr Matt Jones, the lead author of the study said: ‘Cannabis is making normal people behave more like schizophrenia patients when they take it and that’s something they should bear in mind.
‘Previous studies have shown a link but we didn’t have this level of detail.
‘What we have shown is that the brain waves which process information and share it with other regions of the brain become de-synchronised like parts of an orchestra playing out of synch.
‘Cannabis has a docile reputation in the drug world. Most people would accept that cannabis abusers are not at their sharpest and might have subtle impairments in memory or decision making but sometimes small doses of the ingredient can cause psychiatric episodes similar to schizophrenia.’

Tests were carried out on rats – and scientists discovered that the creatures were affected for up to two hours after being exposed to cannabis
In experiments, the rats who were given cannabis all became unable to make accurate decisions when navigating around a maze, compared with those who had not been given any.
Two parts of their brain were shown to be affected – the hippocampus which is essential for forming new memories and prefrontal cortex which integrates those memories and uses them for future behaviour and decision-making.
Disruption of the brain waves which allow these two areas to communicate is what happens in schizophrenia, a mental disorder.
It is associated with muddled thought which causes problems in social interaction, bizarre and paranoid delusions and changes in behaviour.
Dr Jones added: ‘You might feel fine – the rats overt behaviour did not look impaired – but when asked to make rapid and accurate decisions following a joint of cannabis, the cross-talk between these parts of the brain was not normal.
‘Taking cannabis while sitting on the couch watching DVDs is one thing, but if you decide to drive to the shops, that’s when the cognitive impairments come out.’
He said super-strong versions of cannabis – known as ‘skunk’ – contain a higher proportion of the active ingredient THC and would most likely have an even more pronounced effect.
The researchers, whose study is published today in the Journal of Neuroscience, hope further research will help them develop treatments for these effects which could help people with mental illnesses.
Schizophrenia is linked to a number of genes, and previous studies have shown cannabis use can accelerate the risk of developing the disease in people who are already pre-disposed to get it.
An analysis of 83 studies earlier this year involving 22,000 young people, concluded that smoking cannabis can accelerate the onset of psychotic illnesses by several years making them harder to treat successfully.
Recently scientists in Germany and the Institute of Psychiatry in London found people who use cannabis are doubling their risk of developing psychotic problems – including schizophrenia as well as paranoid ideas, hallucination and hearing voices.
They looked at 1,900 young people aged 14 to 24 and found a link at a very early stage of use among youngsters who had never experienced such symptoms before.

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prussian blue reformed by cannabis Reformed Nazi Twin Singers: Cannabis Saved My Life

In what has to be the feel-good story of the week: Nazi rock duo Lamb and Lynx Gaede (“Prussian Blue”), who you may remember for causing a media shitstorm a few years ago for presenting themselves as the cuddly faces of white supremacy, have made a political, social and cultural full-scale about turn. If that makes you smile then the story behind the change in heart will have you checking my facts in disbelief faster than you can say “toke up”. The girls put their dark past down to being “home schooled… country bumpkins” heavily influenced by an overbearing white supremacist mother. Since then the pair have moved to Montana to go to highschool where in her first year Lynx was diagnosed with cancer which led to the removal of a tumour and cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS). Lamb developed “scoliosis and chronic back pain, as well as lack of appetite and intense emotional stress”. It perhaps doesn’t take an expert to see a link between the intense emotional stress and some of the medical conditions that were troubling both of the girls. Lamb and Lynx began to use cannabis to self-medicate after Lynx had a negative reaction to the Oxycontin and Morphine she was prescribed to treat her pain. “I have to say, marijuana saved my life,” Lynx now says, “I would probably be dead if I didn’t have it”. Lynx became one of the first five minors in Montana to be issued a medical marijuana card and Lamb now has one too. Miraculously, the cannabis didn’t just cure the pain but also rekindled both their artistic flair and their passions in a far more positive light…

Lamb: “I’m not a white nationalist anymore… my sister and I are pretty liberal now”

Lynx: “Personally, I love diversity… I’m stoked that we have so many different cultures. I think it’s amazing and it makes me proud of humanity every day that we have so many different places and people… we just want to come from a place of love and light”

Lamb: “I think we’re meant to do something more — we’re healers. We just want to exert the most love and positivity we can.”

The pair now spend their time painting, repairing furniture and intend to enrol in college and dedicate themselves to the legalisation of cannabis in all 50 states.

exnazitwins art2 Reformed Nazi Twin Singers: Cannabis Saved My Life

Recent artwork by the twins

Via The Daily

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Update: Raabe has now been sacked due to the public uproar.

BBC: Gay row government drugs adviser GP Raabe sacked

Thanks to Neuroskeptic for the update. Thanks to the public for the uproar.

The Government announced this week the list of individuals it has appointed to be on the new Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD). The home secretary is still forced to include scientists on the ACMD by law but this last bastion of hope is to be removed by the Police Reform Bill which will allow for an ACMD with not a single scientist or medical professional. So who has Theresa May appointed to advise her on what may be last ever academically qualified advisory council on drugs?

Dr Hans-Christian Raabe, prominent anti-abortion, anti-contraception and anti-homosexual campaigner and daily maily rent-a-quote is sure to cause a stir. In his spare time Raabe contributes to the Maranatha Community, a bizarre religious group that offers “Gay Affirmative Therapy” to cure homosexuality.

nutter Out With The Scientists, In With The Quacks (and religious zealots)

Dr. Raabe is a strange choice for someone who is supposed to be an evaluator of evidence. He has made it very clear that he has a strong religious conviction that all forms of drug use are morally abhorrent and that “harm-reduction actually encourages rather than prevents drug misuse“. He has been in serious trouble with the government before for deceitful behaviour motivated by his rigid moral code. He was found to have formally submitted medical advice to a select committee on abortion without disclosing his involvement in numerous anti-abortion campaign groups. He was even the “medical director” of the Christian anti-abortion pressure group “Council for Health and Wholeness” which coincidentally also managed to submit a separate dossier for the same abortion review.  None of this was disclosed when Raabe gave his “medical” consultation on abortion law in which he claimed abortion can cause breast cancer despite there being no real evidence for this and this being completely outside his remit of expertise as a paediatrician. In 2009 Raabe stood for European parliament for the Christian Peoples Alliance Party on a zero tolerance on drugs platform. It is Raabe’s opinion that users of cannabis should be treated no differently to users of heroin.

Raabe’s “medical” opinion on drugs, quoted from his formal comment on the a BMJ article on the benefits of regulation of cannabis:

“The only way of stopping people from dying from drug-related deaths is to prevent drug use in the first place!”  Dr Hans-Christian Raabe (10 October 2010)

I challenge you to find another doctor anywhere who can not think of a single intervention to stop drug related deaths. Welcome back to the dark ages.

prison Out With The Scientists, In With The Quacks (and religious zealots)

The withdrawl of harm reduction mechanisms for problem drug users is an extremely dangerous element of Raabe’s belief system. This belief system has directly resulted in promoting the AIDS epidemic in Africa through the banning of contraception on moral grounds, allowing this highly containable blood born disease to reach our shores. If this belief system is ever to be imposed on the harm reduction practices that currently are in place to stop needle sharing amongst our tens of thousands of problem drug users we can expect an explosion of AIDS in this country overnight. The evidence for this is clearly presented in this BMJ paper describing how Russia’s zero tolerance drug law has directly resulted in the AIDS epidemic it is now experiencing. Ironically, as this paper describes, the imprisonment of problem users is another main cause of AIDS in the developed world. It is common practice for a needle on a sting to be passed from cell to cell in prisons turning them in to incubators for the HIV virus.

2009 Aids Map

2009 Aids Map Out With The Scientists, In With The Quacks (and religious zealots)

It is all very well for Dr. Raabe and his fundamentalist companions to act on a moral code in which they believe drugs are wrong however it is time for them to realise that this code has devastating implications for the whole of the of society including the vast majority who have never even dreamt of going near heroin or crack cocaine.

In the words of Andy Lewis, “(last year) we were angry that government was ignoring the advice of its advisors. Now we find ourselves hoping they do.”

Rolles S (2010). An alternative to the war on drugs. BMJ (Clinical research ed.), 341 PMID: 20627976

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